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Executive Chef Ender

Chef Ender Oktayuren loved cooking at a very young age, whipping up omelets when he was only three years old. Chef Ender started his career at the Bavarian Chef in Madison, Virginia as a dishwasher and moving up in ranks very quickly. Wanting to advance his career, he moved to Chicago where he attended culinary school to hone his skills while learning a wide variety of techniques. He trained and competed with Certified Master Chef and Culinary Olympic Medalist Chef Tim Bucci. Chef Ender quickly demonstrated his unique passion for cooking and plate presentations bringing a very refined, artistic and precise touch to every plate. 

Chef Ender has been through many kitchens, including Sixteen Restaurant earning one Michelin Star while being Garde Manager Sous Chef. As the Executive Chef of the World of Whirlpool in Chicago, he pushed culinary limits by creating a new menu every day for high-profile business guests and clients. Chef Ender’s most recent kitchen was Steadfast at the Gray where he changed the menu with each season pushing the boundaries with local flavors presenting the guest with works of art. Chef Ender’s innovative cooking style combines the detail and qualities of traditional fine dining with his own modern twist and culinary perspective to make a unique experience when journeying through the menu.


Over The Top Food Truck

Over The Top Chef food truck will be a chef driven seasonal experience that you won’t be able to find on any other food truck. This is a home coming for Chef Ender, he grew up and started his career in Madison County, Virginia. Chef Ender’s goal is to bring the best food possible to his guest and give back to local Farmers, Foragers and Community. 

Constantly Changing Seasonal Menu

The Menu


Not Your Mama’s Caesar Salad $12

Crisp Romaine, Garlic Croutons, Creamy Garlic Parmesan Dressing - Add Some Chicken $4


Smack & Cheese $12

Orenchette Pasta, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Lots of Cheese!


Finger Lickin’ Chicken $12

Fried All White, Buttermilk Dipped, Garlic Spice, Ultra Crunch Fries


The MEGA Taco $12

Tender Pork, Colby Jack, Spicy Ailoi, Ultra Crunch Fries


Ultra Crunch Fries $6

Garlic Spice 


Over The Top Chef LLC

Ender Oktayuren

Call/Text 434.409.7296




The Michelin Star Experience "The Journey Comes To You"

 The special journey comes to you… Chef Ender provides the most Over-The-Top Chef experiences with this personal in-home dining adventure. A custom chef’s tasting menu will be created for a unique experience to impress the important people in your life. Chef Ender will design a progressive seasonal menu, ranging from 5 to 20 courses, with exquisite flavors and artistically plated dishes.  

Weddings and Special Events



A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event meant to be an Over-The-Top experience with friends and family. At Over-The-Top Chef, we pride ourselves in bringing an Over-The-Top dining experience to you and your guests.

We will create a custom menu to fit your needs, from a food truck wedding to an on-site catering event, the options are endless. We begin our process with a simple face-to-face conversation about what you, as a couple, envision for your menu. Over-The-Top Chef will create a few options for you to choose from and present them in tasting form.


Special Events

Are you looking for an Over-The-Top Chef experience at your next event? Over-The-Top Chef specializes in chef-driven creations for all sorts of events, including birthday parties, graduations, food festivals, farmers’ markets, corporate catering and much, much more. Over-The-Top Chef will create a custom menu to fit your specific needs.

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